Friday, August 13, 2010

It's been a while...

Well, maybe I've not been so great with updating but I have been busy. Look for several projects I've done this summer in the midst of many youth trips, trips to see family, and general summer fun.
I love HGTV and I always love the ideas on the shows - especially the low-budget ones! When I saw this tiled fabric covered cork board, I figured why not give it a try - it can't be that hard.

So, I bought some cork squares at Wal-Mart, some cute fabric to match our den where it was going at Hobby Lobby, and got Lowe's to cut me some thin board that was 1 sq in bigger than my cork (so it would have a beveled edge look).

I glued the cork squares to the board

Laid the squares out how they best fit (apparently the guy who cut them at Lowe's wasn't totally exact!)

Then, I used a staple gun to secure the fabric around the boards. I also alternated the direction of the stripe so it'd be a little more interesting.

Getting all the squares put together and hung on the wall was a little more complicated then it was in my head. We ended up using a bigger piece of the same board to put them all together. First we glued, then we stapled, and finally we...ducttaped it - no, not the most professional method but hey, it worked and you can't tell it now!

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