Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A "new" old chair

A few months ago, I went yard saleing with my mom. I had been looking for a small chair to use in my living room and when we saw this chair we thought it would look good recovered and painted. Unfortunately, I didn't get a before picture but it was brown with an really worn out blue corduroy cushion.

First, we painted the chair with a cream that my mom had in her garage.

The finished painted chair:

We also added some brown stain to distress it and give it that "old" feeling.

With the cushion, I had to take out all the rusted nails to take off the worn out fabric and decaying cushion. I added a piece of 2" foam pad cut to the shape of the chair to make it more comfortable. Then, I covered the seat in the fabric and attached with with a staple gun. It's not perfect and I'm sure it's not up to my grandad's standards (who is an upholsterer) but I think it looks nice. I love the fabric, which we found at Hancock's. It adds some pattern to the room!

Finally, in the room.

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